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Company Profile
Blue Zebra Design House Pty (LTD) is a privately held, South African corporation specialising in high level corporate / retail architecture, project management, interior design, space planning and product design. In addition, we also bring a unique approach to the design and implementation of multilevel interactive multimedia presentation developments. The company operates from its offices in Corlett Drive as well as smaller satellite offices in the premises of its major clients.

Mission Statement
The company is dedicated to providing world class, specialist design services and products for the effective management of space as a strategic resource.

Our creative consultancy is aimed at identifying and enhancing opportunities to contribute to a corporation's competitive advantage. This unique "design" approach to business enhancement will carry our clients beyond "re-engineering" into the realms of re discovery.

Objective of Profile
Blue Zebra Design House is seeking to create long-standing client relationships through dedicated strategic design intervention in the corporate / retail environment. We believe our unique services will assist your organisation in maximizing space as a strategic resource while at the same time, extracting every opportunity for improving your competitive advantage in the market place.